15 Reasons To Have Coconut Oil In The Bathroom

This oil is a natural luxury cure that has many benefits and is better than costly lotions and creams. It also heals us and cleans too, is a deodorizer and can be eaten too.

It is economical, it smells amazing and is healthy too.  This oil is solid but on 76 degrees F it gets liquid. This oil gets more and more popular, here is why:


  1. Commercial Grade – made from dry coconut called Copra. This is smoked or sun dried and the standard copra is used for oil making and is not good for humans to consume it.It is refined with process named RBD Refined Bleached Deodorized. This is the common mass-making of oils. The older way of refined coconut oil is mechanical refining.

    Modern methods also use chemical items to get oil from copra in bigger yields.

  2. Virgin coconut oil – this one is from fresh meat of coconut or non-copra. High heat and chemicals are not used here, since the pure natural coconut oil has good shelf life of many years.Fast drying of fresh coconut is just pressing for the oil. With this method, minimal heat is used and the oil is pressed mechanically.

    Wet milling is a method of oil extraction from coconut meat with no drying. Milk of coconut is gotten with pressing.


Smooth shaving– if you have red and irritated skin of razors, use coconut for bacteria killing and soothing.

Rash– diaper rash, allergies…all can be cured. Commercial lotions all have propylene glycol, chemical that makes dermatitis and irritation.

Lip balm– use coconut for moisture, hydration of lips too. There was a study on the metal in lip balms and they all had lead, cadmium, chromium, aluminum and manganese, all making damages when you use them.

Face cleaner– good for face wash, mix same parts of the oil and castor oil too.

Massage the skin and remove with washcloth. 90% of the body cleaners have chemicals and toxins like sodium lauryl sulfate and sodium laureth sulfate that with other chemicals make cancer agents. Coconut also cures acne.

Make up remover– it cleans the face and removes makeup perfectly well, even mascara!

Night cream– coconut is not good as makeup base but before bed, on clean skin, is amazing. It has fatty acids that are good for the skin. If the nail skin is dry and cracked, use coconut for the cuticles to soften them.

Deodorant– dab a bit of the oil with lavender oil, this is better than deodorants with chemicals that even might cause Alzheimer’s. another recipe is 3 tbsp coconut, arrowroot powder and baking soda.

Foot fungi fighting– since it kills microbes and bacteria, coconut is good for athlete’s foot too. Rub it on bottoms on feet after showering. It kills bacteria, viruses and fungi tii and also removes yeasts.

Soothing bath– a great method to alternative baths for curing UTIs in kids. Drop a bit coconut and some essential oils for moisture and bacteria removal.

Body scrub– mix same parts coconut, sea salt, baking soda for exfoliator making.

Body lotion– makes the skin moisturized and smooth better than market chemicals like: parabens, phthalates, aluminum, formaldehyde and propylene glycol. Also is a good fragrance!

Toothpaste– for tooth decay and whiter teeth, make DIY paste with 1 tsp coconut and ½ tsp baking soda, and add 2 drops mint oil. Brush normally.

Oil pulling– a great oral rinse method, same as mouthwash. Just do NOT gargle here. Swish some coconut for 15 min inside the mouth and it will seep between gums to make bacteria flushed, healing cavities and removing plaque and odor too.

Healing agent– apply it on cuts and wounds and it will make protection layer with good chemicals that remove dust, fungi, viruses and bacteria. Apply it on bruises to speed healing in tissues.

Frizz fighting– those with frizzy hair often get silicon drops or gels and mousses with alcohol, these coat the hair and get its moisture leaving it dry. Get coconut oil, a drop or two and spread it on the hair ends for shine!

Coconut is better than store bought chemicals and products.