7 Benefits Of Beets and Many More Things You Can Not Ignore This Incredible Vegetable

Many foods have been part of our diet for years, but we never stopped to think how beneficial they are to health like beets or what kind of nutritional contribution each of them makes. We have simply focused on their taste and how much we like to use them as ingredients of foods or salads.

This is the case of the beets that have a sweet taste that combines perfect with any salad and an intense color able to dye our meals, but surely you do not know some important data that will make you appreciate it even more.

It basically counts on vitamin C, folates, antioxidants and fiber.

Among the main antioxidants, flavonoids are the ones that stand out because they are considered potent anticancer. Folates are directly related to the cardiovascular system, helping to protect the heart and prevent heart disease.

As a main mineral, we added iron, which is essential for our body and especially recommended for women who are menstruating and for pregnant women.

It also has B vitamins and folic acid.

All these properties that beet contains translate into specific benefits for our organism that we should never stop incorporating.

1) Provides energy:

This vegetable is light and easy to digest and are the main reasons why it adds energy so that you can develop all your daily activities and perform to the fullest. A lunch that includes a salad with beets or a smoothie or juice of beets is the best option for an intense day of work or study.

2) Promotes blood circulation:

Thanks to its contribution in iron, the beet favors the circulation of blood and the production of new red blood cells. It fights hypertension and helps to level it to avoid circulatory and cardiac problems.

3) Improve brain function:

Betaine and tryptophan exert an action of stimulation of brain cells that will help improve neuronal activity. It also helps prevent Alzheimer’s.

4) Cleanses the liver:

The same betaine as mentioned above, prevents the accumulation of fats in the liver so that it can continue to fulfill its function as a purifier of toxins and harmful elements. Beets have a generalized detoxifying effect.

5) Protects the heart:

Potassium, another mineral that is abundant in beets, plays an important role in the prevention of heart disease. It also encompasses other serious pathologies such as strokes.

6) Improves vision:

Vitamin A present in beets along with beta-carotene, decrease vision problems and prevent eye-related diseases.

7) Avoid constipation:

The vegetable fiber of the beets contributes to improve digestion and intestinal transit. It avoids constipation and even acts as a mild laxative.

Other benefits:

– It improves the immune system

– Strengthens the bone system and prevents osteoporosis

– Reduces bad cholesterol

– It prevents the accumulation of dental plaque

– Helps control diabetes

– It fights anemia

– Relieves tiredness

– Improves sexual activity

– Delays premature aging

– Fights free radicals

– It favors the healing of wounds

How to incorporate them into our diet?

– Extract the juice and combine it with other fruits

– Incorporate it as one more ingredient in shakes

– Steam them and prepare salads

– Crumbs raw and mixed in salads or fillings of other preparations

If you do not remember when it was the last time you consumed beets today we are giving you many reasons to think about how you are going to take advantage of all its benefits.