A Homeopath Conquered The World: With The Help Of This Beverage, You’ll Be Left With A Six-Pack! (Recipe + Video)

A homeopath conquered the world: with the help of this beverage, you’ll be left with a six-pack!

Peter Carvel published a recipe on a Youtube channel and prepared a fantastic drink for weight loss, and at the same moment the whole world went crazy for it!

This is a recipe which Peter Karvel received from a famous British homeopath.

We are not surprised at all that this recipe has for a very short period of time been viewed two million times!

Here’s the thing…

In fact, even if you are not much of a vegetables fan, you need to know that juices are a great way for bringing the necessary nutrients into your body.

If next to the consumption of vegetables you combine the right food, you will achieve extreme results in weight loss.

This strong drink burns the fat and cleans the body of harmful toxins.

Preparation is as follows…

The required ingredients are:

– 1 large beetroot

– 3 fresh carrots

– 4 stick of celery

– 1 handful of fresh spinach

– 1 apple

– 1 fresh cucumber

– 2 radishes

– 1 fresh ginger root (1cm)

– 1 lemon

Clean and wash the fruit, then insert it into the juicer and make juice. Of the two amounts of food you should get about 500ml of juice, which is best consumed in the morning. All those who have tried it say that it is extremely nutritious and can replace even breakfast.

See the video, try the recipe and let us know about your results and impressions.

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