Benefits Of Raw Garlic And Lemon When Fasting And Recipes

There are many ways to cleanse our body, we can do it with drugs or with natural remedies that, after all, are equal to or more beneficial than medicines. Garlic, for example, is a very sought after ingredient used to cleanse the body, and combined with the lemon multiplies ... read more

8 Secrets Of India To Make Your Hair Grow Faster

Looking at long hair is quite a challenge, have you ever wondered why people in India have long, lush hair? The beauty secrets of the Indians have been used since antiquity and are basically focused on natural care. The Indians consider that nature has all the answers to health and ... read more

This Veggie Can Cure Anything in Your Body

The beet is a veggie that is among the healthiest. It cures many issues. The red color is from anthocyanins that combat cancer. The beet extract fights cancer in humans, like pancreas, breast, prostate. Also inflammation is removed due to the B1, B2, B12 vitamins, C, magnesium, iron, copper, ... read more

10+ Signs Your Blood Sugar Is Very High

The sugar levels in the blood indicate the amount of glucose in the blood, which is the leading energy source for most body cells. High blood sugar or hyperglycemia can be caused by two factors, and can thus be of two types: type 1 diabetes, which is a result ... read more