The Baking Soda Is The Best Cure For Anything. Read What Can It Give You In Benefits

Big Pharma always denies that the cheap sodium bicarbonate can be better than expensive meds. There are many evidence that support theories like that this soda is universal cure for many health issues like even diabetes and cancer. Every medical expert says that this is so.

This item was used for many decades and oncologists say that some of their patients were cured by this to avoid toxic material of chemo and similar. Radiation and chemo impair the health and damage the kidneys.


The baking soda was shown by Arm and hammer as a medicine that must be crucial in every house and used by anyone. When mixed with another potent natural item, like magnesium chloride and iodine, it can be the best cure in the world. This item is something we must always have at home in emergencies.

Have big supplies of this in the kitchen and no worries, this is cheap. 25 lbs can cost less than 50 dollars. Deficit of this item in the world is a real problem, and common one too. Issues like pH values are still the biggest issue today.

Every biochemical work is linked to the pH since enzymes are responding to this. Also our diet plays a role too for the pH. What we eat the most is acidic and impairs the good pH.

This imbalance can damage cells and processes the more the Ph drops. Acidic Ph damages us and the health and causes cancer, heart issues, osteoporosis, diabetes and heartburn. Health is linked to alkaline areas and not acidic.


The baking soda carries the oxygen, dilates vessels in blood and gives oxygen in tissues so makes the ph more alkaline. By making the urine ph higher, this soda stops urinary problems.

It was even proven by science that uric acid causes diabetes, heart attacks and issues, gout, kidney stones and more.

Taking the soda will also get excess uranium of the body, stop bladder problems, arthritis, gout, fevers and stops pancreas damages thus makes more insulin and bicarbonate.

When the nuclear war happened, US military said baths with 2.5 kg soda inside is keeping the kidneys healthy from the radiation.

It is best to dissolve ½ tsp soda in glass of water and drink this 2 times daily. Use the best soda you can find aluminum-free. Mix this with ACV or lemon juice and it gets just better. Also in more serious cases, mix this with black molasses, honey or maple syrup. But, before this, talk with a doctor first.

Regardless if you have flu, heart or neurological problems and even cancer, the soda and magnesium are the best cure. They remove toxins and acids from every organ and cell. Consume this for half a year and pause for 2 months.


We use this soda as medicinal and mostly for cleaning in the house. For medicine use, have the pharmacy soda, but for domestic use the regular soda. Have this 2 times daily, daily and at night, before you eat, mixed with water. Add AV or lemon for optimal results.


Mix 2 tbsp ACV or lemon juice and ½ tsp baking soda. When the foam is gone, put water and drink up. If you think the lemon has pesticides, put  it in 2 dl boiled water and add 5-6 tbsp vinegar and salt. Let the lemons sit in this for 24 hours. If the illness is serious like cancer, mix baking soda and molasses or honey and take this for 2 weeks.

Black treacle- mix tsp molasses and baking soda with glass of water and have this daily.

Maple syrup– this and baking soda is ratio 3 and 1. Heat up using low heat and mix nicely. Transfer this in a bottle and let the foam disappear. Store in the fridge and have 1 tsp per day.

Honey– same as maple syrup.

Enema– put a few tbsp. soda in liter water.


  1. Bath– this is best for those that had chemo and radiation since they have too much uranium inside and heavy metals too. Add 2.5 kg soda in the bath water and 1.5 kg salt to soak. The soda in the bath also removes dead skin cells, fatigue and tension. For this add cup baking soda in the bath.
  2. Flu– ½ tsp soda in glass of water is one dose. In the first day, take one such dose every 2 hours. The second day have 4 doses, same on 2 hours. The third day is 2 doses at night and morning. Fourth day is 2 doses too.
  3. Bladder– this means the first week is 6 glasses of this mix daily. In 1 cup there is 1 tsp soda and 1 cup water. The other week is this twice daily. Third week is 2 glasses daily and total this lasts for 3 weeks.
  4. Prostate cancer– mix 1 tsp soda and molasses in water a glass. Have this daily for 4 days. On day 5, have 2 glasses on same ratio. The sixth day to day 11 are 2 tsps soda and molasses 2 times daily.
  5. Sunburns and bug bites– make a paste of soda and water for the skin area. Rinse after it is dry.
  6. Nail smoother– mix 3 parts soda and 1 water and scrub the nails. Use circle motions for the hands and smoothen the skin and nails.
  7. Foot care– for the tough feet skin, mix 2 tbsp soda and warm water. Soak the feet in this and then mix 3 parts soda and 1 part water.


  1. Clean machine– put ½ cup soda then wash and rinse.
  2. Fruits and veggies– wash the produce with bowl of water and 3 tbsp soda in it for the pesticide removal.
  3. Yeast dough– mix same parts soda and citric acid or vitamin C to make the dough rise.
  4. Hands smell of onion– rub the hands with a mix of water and soda.
  5. Wallpaper and furniture– spray this mix of soda and water for 10 min to work.
  6. Trashcan smell– sprinkle the soda on the can.
  7. Fridge odor– put cup soda in the fridge.
  8. Debris on pan or barbecue– dab soda in water and let this sit for 10