Beetroots Are Healthy – They Cure 13 Health Problems

Beet is popular veggie and was long used in health issues curing. First, it was cultivated by Romans and then by Greeks, mostly for high fevers.

This veggie has nutrients like vitamin A, B6, C, magnesium, zinc, iodine, chlorine, calcium, flavonoids, sodium, betaine and nitrites.

They also have antioxidants and almost no fat. They also have folic acid and potassium and carotenoids, zeaxanthin, lutein and glycine.

It reduces allergies since it has chlorine and keeps the kidneys healthy, lymphs and gallbladder too.

Leaves and root both can be healthy  and the taste of leaves is bitter, but the root is sweet.

Beet is dense and healthy and cures anemia, immunity weakness, thyroid issues, diabetes, atherosclerosis, hypertension, sleep issues and more.


  1. Lowering pressure- due to nitrates, it makes more nitric oxide in the blood and lowers the pressure. This oxide makes wider blood vessels and lowers pressure. Have 2 glasses beet juice per day.
  2. Treats anemia and iron deficit-beets have iron and this makes them good for anemia and making red blood cells.
  3. Prevention and treating cancer- beet juice also kills tumors and keeps cells healthy. They regenerate and the beet gives them betacyanin, the red pigment for suppressing cancer.
  4. Better mood and mental health- the betaine cures depression and the tryptophan soothes the mind.
  5. Better blood flow- since it has nitrates, that change to nitrites and nitric oxide, beets make better blood flow to brain.
  6. Detox of liver- due to betaine in them, beets keep liver healthy.
  7. No inflammation- beets keep immunity healthy and fight inflammation with their antioxidants.
  8. No birth defects- pregnant women have to eat beets moderately since it has folic acid and folate in large amounts.
  9. Treating menopause and PMS – beets have iron and this makes more red blood cells, thus these problems are soothed.
  10. Healthy muscles- having beet juice makes more strength in muscles. A study of Northumbria University said beet juice lowers soreness in muscles and makes them recover fast.
  11. Constipation- boosting metabolism, this juice aids in digestion.
  12. Better skin- beets slow down aging and have folate, thus keep the skin smooth, healthy and acne -free. Have beet juice to remove blemishes, wrinkles, acne.
  13. Better brain health and no dementia- a study said that due to the nitrates, beet juice also makes more stamina and brain health by 16% more to fight dementia.


  • Lots of beets or too much beet juice can make urine pink, but this is harmless
  • Beets have oxalates and these prevent calcium absorption thus stones might form in kidneys. Eat it moderately.
  • The pigment of beets can make stool dark too.