Benefits Of Raw Garlic And Lemon When Fasting And Recipes

There are many ways to cleanse our body, we can do it with drugs or with natural remedies that, after all, are equal to or more beneficial than medicines.

Garlic, for example, is a very sought after ingredient used to cleanse the body, and combined with the lemon multiplies the effect, causing in only a few days our body expel all kinds of toxins and bacteria that have accumulated over time .

From a certain age, a large number of people suffer cardiovascular problems and are often offered to follow a medical treatment to treat their pathology.

However, if before we reach this point we make this cure we can prevent these health problems naturally, economically and without side effects.

Discover in this article how you can help lemon and garlic, two millennial medicinal food used for multiple diseases thanks to its incredible properties.



It has fiber, vitamin B1, B6 and C, magnesium and selenium, potassium, calcium, phosphorus and proteins, and is low in calories. Having natural antioxidants is able to prevent Alzheimer’s and senile dementia.

The lemon:

Contains vitamins and anticancer components. Helps prevent vision problems and improve digestion.


As we are going to see now there are many benefits of taking raw garlic with lemon on an empty stomach because it helps prevent and ameliorate a lot of health problems:

-It purifies the blood and the organism.
-It prevents the formation of blood clots and thrombi.
-It greatly improves blood circulation.
-Reduces blood pressure naturally.
-Prevents and fights cancer.
-Strengthens the immune system.
-The functioning of the kidneys is improved as well as that of the liver.
-It is a potent natural antioxidant.
-It reduces the level of triglycerides in the blood.
-Reduces bad cholesterol in the blood.
-It is a help to lose weight since it also reduces body fat.
-It improves symptoms of allergies such as sinusitis.
-It is good for combating hemorrhoids.
-It fights anemia problems.
-It improves the states of gastritis.
-It is good for the joints and bones being recommended in cases of arthritis and osteoarthritis.
-Combat pulmonary diseases.
-Improves auditory problems.
-It is impressive what two foods can achieve in us if we merge them in the right way , now we will give you the exact specifications so that you prepare for the home remedy and employ it as soon as possible.


-1 liter and a half of water
-2 heads of garlic
-2 lemons.


-Take the heads of garlic, peel and cut into very small pieces, cut the lemon into thin slices but without removing the shell, pour the liter and a half of water in a pot and add the ingredients chopped to let them boil for at least 15 minutes .

-Once the time has elapsed proceed to pour the water of garlic and lemon and then place it in a bowl. This remedy you can take it hot like a tea or you can just take it cold, be aware that you must take it completely on an empty stomach.

-Another similar way to consume the lemon with garlic is to squeeze the citrus until you have enough juice and drink it with a clove of garlic. You can swallow it whole or chew it. In both recipes you can add a little honey to better the taste of the remedy and not have such a strong breath.