The Best 14 Foods For Kidney Health And Best Detox Ever

The back pain is never just a pain, sometimes it can be more severe than it seems. The National Kidney Foundation stated more than 26 million USA people have this kidney problem and 1 out of 3 has risk of getting this.

In USA, kidney problem kills a lot, even more than breast and prostate cancer.


The biggest risk factor is hypertension, diabetes, kidney failure and age over 60. Others are smoking, kidney stones, cardio issues and obesity.


These organs filter the toxins inside the body, but also the remove extra fluids of the insides, level the electrolytes, regulate hormones and pressure, create new red cells and keep the bones healthy strong. They are strong organs, and a human can survive great even with just one kidney.


  • Weakness and fatigue
  • Foamy urine
  • Painful urinating
  • Dark and pink urine
  • Frequent need to urinate
  • More thirst
  • Puffy eyes

Maybe the most hazardous effect of sick kidneys is the water retention or edema – swollen face, abdomen, hands, feet and ankles. This happens when the kidneys do not remove excess salt and fluids, thus resulting in unhealthy heart, liver and other organs too.


In case of pregnancy, some herbs here are to be avoided, unless permitted by a doctor or naturopath.


This fruit is great for UTIs for sure and also soothes the kidneys and bladder. The juice of cranberry stops UTI because it creates more acidic urine and stops kidney stones to form. It removes bacteria that is about to get stuck on bladder walls and in kidneys too.


The seed of grapes is a prevention for obesity in some people. it has loads antioxidants and fights the damage of free radicals. Even 15 grapes daily means alkaline blood and healthy kidneys.


The apple has a lot of potassium good for the heart but this is not enough if you are on dialysis.


A citric fruit with a lot citric acid that stops kidney stones forming. It breaks the stones and makes them into smaller chunks, stopping their growth, covering them and dissolving them.


This herb spice reduces inflammation and relaxes tired kidneys. It stops blood cots too to pile up. The antioxidants of it fight the free radicals.


This makes blood flow much better and cleans the toxic blood. Also, this root soothes back ache and kidneys. People know it for digestion purpose and as cure against nausea, vomiting and upset belly.


This root is a great diuretic for edema curing but also PMS signs. It soothes digestion organs and makes more bile. The Native Americans boiled it in water and had the tea for the kidneys.


This garnish herb is amazing for the UTI resolving and kidney stones too. Have it as tea to cure edema and constipation too.


This white root has no taste like the candy we know, instead is a diuretic and makes more urine flow. It speeds kidney detoxing also to the colon and liver too, and cleanses the whole organism.


This pinkish plant resolves UTIs too, but also kidney stones, urethra and kidney infection and bladder too. If you feel pain during urinating, take this.


The stingy nettle is crucial for prostate patients and can burden kidneys for sure. In early stages, it soothes prostate issues and low urine flow, not emptied bladder, urine dripping and frequent needs for the bathroom. For UTIs showed a good result, also for hay fever or topically for the joints, tendonitis, sprain, strain and bug bites.


This seed is diuretic and reduces inflammation and stress away from the kidneys. Also spleen and liver are healed faster.


Just like the dandelion, this herb is a medicine. Reduces inflammation and soothes kidneys. It is hemostatic meaning it can reduce and stop bleeding and stop bloody urine.


This root is a poison for pets, but for humans it is healthy. Mostly used for UTIs and urethra/bladder/prostate infections, kidney stones or large prostate.


Mix these for the amazing tea.

You need:

  • 1 tbsp hydrangea root
  • 1 tbsp dry gravel root
  • 1 tbsp dry marshmallow root
  • 1 quart juice (grape, apple, melon or cranberry)


With a mortar and pestle, pulverize the items here. Then mix ½ of those herbs in the juice of apple. Put the excess in a jar and store somewhere cold and dry. Then, let the mix boil and put in a cup. Or just mix all the herbs in lemon water that is warm.

These items listed keep kidneys healthy, but you must have a healthy diet and lifestyle too.

And, have lots of water to be hydrated and stop kidney stones to form. Drink in moderation, lower the salt intake and keep pressure and sugar on normal levels.