Boil Bananas Before Going to Sleep, Consume The Liquid And Then You Will Be Very Surprised Of What Will Happen To Your Sleep!

Every person in the world have had issues with the nights with insomnia and those restless nights where people just simply toss and turn constantly in the bed, they just gaze at the ceiling of the room and they cannot have enough sleep, let’s say a good 8 hours.

So, when you are in that situation, you start thinking about how you can sleep, then the mind races, and the following situation is when people notice that the sun is starting to peek through the windows.

Me personally have spent and lost a bunch of nights like this, so I decided that it is time to stop this situation of having poor sleeping patterns.

Luckily, I had success in solving this problem by discovering the following recipe for preparation of a tea with amazing taste. This tea turned out to improve and make a lot better my cycle.

Irregular sleeping patterns as well as insomnia may appear from various conditions such as stress depression and nervousness.

Approximately each night, I would just go to sleep and my mind immediately started racing. It didn’t matter if I was having thought regarding my work, family, or just the obligations I to accomplish the following day, I was not able to relax.

So, the conclusion is in case your mind is active, the possibilities are that you are not going to get some sleep. There are a couple of medicines which have the ability to create insomnia.

Antihistamines, pain medications as well as heart and blood pressure remedies have the ability of influencing people who have trouble sleeping.

Yes, certain remedies have the ability of making you to feel drowsy at the beginning, however they have also the ability to provoke often visits to the toilets as well as nervousness that is able to make even more disturbance to your relaxation time.

So, all in all it doesn’t matter if the main problem is one of these problems or is simply that your addiction to your phone during the time when you are supposed to be in bed asleep, there are things that have to be changed immediately.

Banana tea

It is very easy and simple, just take a few ingredients which probably you have inside the kitchen and use them in order making quickly a banana tea without losing time!

This organic, banana-infused sleep medicine makes miracles and also it is very delicious. So, in what way it functions?

Bananas, mostly the peels, are consisted of magnesium and potassium. While magnesium is helpful and useful in order to forbid the appearance sleep disturbances, the magnesium and potassium, in this situation perform their job both of them together and this will be very helpful to rest and relax the muscles.

The fact is that, magnesium is considered to be one of the most amazing minerals used in times for relax!

You have to remember, that the following recipe needs to be consisted of 100% organic bananas. Bananas which are not organic are filled with damaging pesticides and due to the fact that give you courage in consuming the boiled peel, you have to be careful so that the peel is completely liberated of chemicals.

In order to make this miraculous tea you will need approximately 10 minutes and also you may enjoy in it each night before going to sleep.

  • 1 organic banana
  • 1 small pot of water
  • a dash of cinnamon- but this you can put only if you want it

The only thing you have to do is to use a knife to take off the ends of the banana and put it, peeled and the rest of the necessary things, inside a pot with heated water.

It should be heated for approximately 10 minutes.

Then, take one colander and just put the water inside a cup. Also, if you consider yourself as an adventurer do not hesitate and simply put the cinnamon inside the cup of tea. Then, one hour before you go to bed to sleep consume the tea.

If you are scared and worried that the tea is wasteful, then definitely you are totally unfamiliar with the term boiled banana! So, when the banana is finished boiling, just put on the top some of the cinnamon.

Well, the consummation of the warm, syrupy fruit, all of this together with its peel plus the tea it is going to make bigger its calming effects… Also, we should not tell you how amazing and delicious it is, a fact which makes this to be a wonderful and tasty dessert!

What makes the sleeping medications to be dangerous and bad for people health?

Out of despair, a lot of people decide to start taking sleeping medications and approximately half of the people in America have problems with insomnia as well as poor sleep, so it is not surprising that they are using these types of medications.

However, there is one problem and it is the following one: sleeping pills are not able in helping you for a long time. All, they can do is help you for a shorter period of time.

A huge number of the sleeping medications represent a particular type of drug that stimulates and keeps the sleep. In the public they are called with the name sedative hypnotics.

If we set aside these medicines, another sedative hypnotic drugs will be benzodiazepines and barbiturates. Benzodiazepine such as Xanax and Valium, these all have the ability of creating an addiction, plus they have been helpful in healing anxiety disorders with the process of increasing drowsiness.

Barbiturates which create depression on the central nervous system, are being used as anesthetics and sedatives.

Similarly to the rest of the drugs and medications, the sleeping medication have as well negative and side effects. Apart from being able to create addiction, also they have the ability of creating these conditions:

Parasomnias- This is very frightening!

Having trouble to focus and remember


Belly pain



Uncontrollable shaking

Furthermore, sleeping medications have the ability to make the rhythm of the breathing to start working slowly and significantly to lighten.

The meaning of this is that if a person has already problems and suffers from a lung illnesses such as COPD or even asthma, these remedies may be damaging, dangerous and as well as to be fatal or the lives of people.

In what way the lack of sleep affects the body?

Having sleep below eight hours is very damaging and bad for the body.  The moment I discovered the consequences of having little or no sleep at all had on my body, I started to panic and got very scared!

In situations where the body doesn’t have the necessary rest, generally below eight hours, the body is starting to suffer. The cognitive function, this means that the long as well as the short term memory become seriously affected.

Did you ever tried to work and perform a task without having the necessary fuel?

I have done that and I am perfectly aware now that it is close to impossible that to happen.

The processing of also the most easy and simple things it looks to be a big challenge as well as the emotional answers to things start in becoming completely distorted and changed. The most frightening part is that lack of sleep has been connected to serious issues to the health such as obesity, diabetes and cancer.

The most essential thing to do is to find out what is the reason that causes you to have lack of sleep and to sleep less than you used to, then you will do everything in order to make better the situation and to eliminate the problem.

Nowadays I just cannot wait to go to sleep every night and consume the tea; as we said previously the tea is completely natural, the smell and taste are amazing, and I have had amazing effects from it.

In the famous show of Dr. Oz, he presented natural medicines for conditions such as insomnia. Banana tea was mentioned and so my decision was to try it.

I did that by performing an investigation to examine its taste, then I decided whether I will like people say “Be completely in love with it, or I will simply hate it and I will never ever try it again.”