No More Inhaler. Make This Juice And Cure Asthma Attacks!

Let’s talk on asthma first. This issue is a disease when the bronchial tubes get thicker and cause respiratory inflammation. Asthma people have shortness of breath and weakness too, but these are just some of the signs. When someone is coughing and suffocating all the time, it means he ... read more

Why Pineapple Juice Is 500% Better Than A Cough Syrup?

Did you know this juice is even 500% better than a regular medicine or syrup as far as cough goes? This is true and is a fact that this fruit has bromelain, an enzyme that kills inflammation and combats any bacteria. The pineapple HALF VITAMIN C DAILY DOSE ... read more

Do A Diabetes Cure By Yourself!

The number of people with Diabetes increases daily more and more and this is scary. Many people even die of this disease makeing this even more serious. Until today, the cure wasn’t so good, but now it can just be put under control, but still what we call a ... read more