This Veggie Can Cure Anything in Your Body

The beet is a veggie that is among the healthiest. It cures many issues. The red color is from anthocyanins that combat cancer. The beet extract fights cancer in humans, like pancreas, breast, prostate. Also inflammation is removed due to the B1, B2, B12 vitamins, C, magnesium, iron, copper, ... read more

Clean Your Arteries By Eating These 10 Foods

If you want to learn how to unclog your arteries and at the same time, to reverse atherosclerosis without prescribed drugs for cholesterol or beta-blockers, then you are at the right place. The following 10 foods will slow the progression of plaque accumulation in a natural way: Turmeric Turmeric, ... read more

The Best 20 Foods That Are Better Than Painkillers

Even though the majority of us are aware of the things and routines that need to be done in order to maintain a health and mental balance, only a few follow these. Having a healthy lifestyle includes eating whole grains, no sugar, no soda, no alcohol, no processed foods, ... read more

14 Vegetarian Foods That Have More Iron Than Meat!

A lot of vegetarians and vegans are concerned about the amount of iron they intake through their diet. The National Institutes of Health claims that the recommended daily amount of iron for adults is 8-27 mg. Adult men can get the lowest amount while older women and those who ... read more