There Is A Cheap And Safe Cure That Oncologists Hate – Baking Soda Against Cancer

The treatments for cancer with baking soda have shown good results even in last stages with metastasis. The chemo is the only recommendation by oncologists even though it affects even healthy cells too. Of all cancer patients, 90% agree to chemo and don’t consider other alternatives.

The chemo is a good source of money for doctors and pharmacy industry.  But, there is more than just this explanation. It is not because of effectiveness. Not even morbidity rates or less cancer relapses!

There is one fact; chemo is opposite of what we think it is. It can increase cancer cells and mortality risk! Oncologists know this – people not so much.

There was a grant of $2 million to Dr. Mark Pagel from University of Arizona Cancer center, given by The National Institutes of Health.

He was given this since few years ago he researched baking soda effectiveness in cancer, especially breast cancer. The grant was a sign that medical people knew the good link between cancer and sodium bicarbonate. That same thing is used in emergency rooms to save lives.

As to some researches, getting more bicarbonate through the diet improves the pH levels of healthy blood and tissues.

The studies were made on lab animals for breast cancer in humans – taking bicarbonate orally makes tumor alkaline levels higher and slow down metastasis.

As to these studies, and the statement that baking soda is healthy and safe, doctors like Julian Whitaker, promoted cancer curing with nutrition plans and immunity strategies programs.

This is known as the Whitaker protocol. It consists of 12 grams baking soda and 2 cups water. Also you can add low calorie sweetener if you want. Still, the taste is salty. Sip slowly during 2 hours, 3 times daily.

There is an example of a man who made his own cure with molasses and baking soda. He states he cured cancer with this.

Studies show how this is consumed with high magnesium water or in transdermal medicine baths – the best treatments ever! This also resolves kidney issues, diabetes, cold or flu.

The soda also protects from radiation. The human physiology is prone to nuclear attacks of radioactive wind that is in the north hemisphere.

Dr. Robert J. Gillies conducted a study with a team and this included mice treated with the soda – the tumor areas were alkalinized. It was also discovered how the soda helped to increase pH in tumors. It also slowed down metastases in mice with breast cancer.


We know how this soda looks. It is white and crystalline and powdery. It has many names – bicarbonate soda, bread soda or cooking soda. Chemistry name for it is sodium hydrogen carbonate/sodium bicarbonate.

This is not washing soda, though they both have same names. The alkaline salty taste is also similar.

The baking soda is used a lot. To dissolve mineral water for example or for baking. The leavening-agent  benefits appear due to the neutralizing acidic batter constituents. If neutralized, it releases carbon dioxide that expands baked foods.

Also is used for softening of veggies or making meat tender.

In households, this soda is used for cleaning mainly. Also as toothpaste, antiseptic paste, teeth whitening, acid neutralization, removing plaque too.

It is as you see mainly used for hygiene of people too, like shampoo or deodorant.


The pH in our body fluids is crucial for the health and overall cleanse. We are healthier when our pH is between 7.35-7.45. You can keep this level and fight chronic issues, flu, cold and even cancer.

But, this requires a healthy life and diet. Baking soda also will increase alkaline levels in the body too.

Compare the pH with thermometer. It has falls and risings as the acidic and alkaline levels in the fluids change. If pH in the blood is above 7.45 both ways, there is some disease.

When the body cannot neutralize acids or remove them, it moves them to cellular fluids and tissue cells. This endangers the health.

Also, if alkalinity increases it can cause metabolic alkalosis. This can become chronic if not treated wit neutralization.

Jon Barron says many good points about pH levels advantage with alkaline water usage.

According to him, the oxygen is linked to hydrogen. If a fluid is more acidic than it should, there is less acid in it ironically. The cells need oxygen to have health and survive.

But, if the blood is too acidic, pH falls and the cells get less oxygen. Compare this to acid rain and destroying lakes. When such rain falls, oxygen links to the acid and fish die off. Oxygen is present and useless.

If the pH of the lake increases (alkalinity), the lake is full of life. Cancer is linked to acidic environments – lack of oxygen. If the pH is high, there is more oxygen to the cells and cancer cannot live well there.

To cope this, here are 2 reasons:

  • Alkaline water makes more oxygen in any system
  • Alkaline water fights cancer


The malignant tumors are made of fast growing cells. The growth means cancer cells use high sugar levels and carbs to get energy in the shape of Adenosine Triphosphate (ATP).

However, some chemicals are made due to pyruvic acid and lactic one too if we are healthy, these chemicals are removed naturally. But, cancer cells have different metabolism that even the organic acids get piled around the tumor.

That amount of extracellular acidity near tumors is the reason for metastasis in cancers.

At a core level, the cancer requires acid environment to grow quick.

As to some cancer professionals, if the surrounding area around the tumor is buffered with alkaline chemical, you can somewhat increase the pH level. This starves the tumors and stops the growth of them.

Amazingly, this simple method was proved to be effective and correct.

Also, you don’t need synthetic drugs to reduce acidity around tumor tissue. Baking soda is all you need.

To make this cure work as it should, it must be near the tumor area. It has to be close so that the pH is raised around the tissue. That’s why the best option is injection of sodium bicarbonate directly to the tumor. Better works than the oral way. At the same time, orally might be safer for the method itself.

Cancer research published one study in 2009; it was stated that alkaline sodium bicarbonate cn stop cancer. It was the first official study to confirm this.

When the team injected soda into mice, the felt the impact of increased pH in a certain organ where tumor grew. The baking soda raised the pH and at the same time it lowered the metastases in mice with breast cancer.

According to the team, sodium bicarbonate raised the pH even outside the cells and not in them. That was really crucial since the baking soda doesn’t affect the cell metabolism, yet it changed the microenvironment and made it bad for survival of cancer.


  • Minimized effect known as lymph node linked to transport of cells of cancer
  • No reducing in circulation cancer cells
  • Reducing in the liver – this was prevention of tumor growth outside some body organs and parts
  • Inhibited circulation of tumor cells and slowed down colonization in the rest of organs


Prepare this cure by yourself – you just need baking soda, honey or molasses or maple syrup or all above.

Dr. Sircus said in his book that a patient tried this treatment with baking soda and molasses for prostate cancer that spread with metastasis in the bones.


  • 1 tsp baking soda mixed with 1 tsp molasses and 1 cup water
  • He took this for 4 days total and his pH of saliva was 7.0 and the urine 7.5
  • On day 5, he drank this twice
  • From day 6-10 he took bigger doses, up to 2 tsp each dose twice a day
  • On the final 10th day, his pH was 8.5. he said something about side effects like night sweats, headaches…(just like cesium therapy)
  • On day 11, he made a bone scan and other tests

The doctors saw how the specific antigen in prostate (PSA) lowered from 22.3 from first diagnosis to ONLY 0.1 at the final one. The PSA is a protein that determines the severity of prostate cancer.

Another baking soda cure says using 30 tsp baking soda in 90 tsp maple syrup.

With this one, the syrup must be heated to have viscosity. Add the baking soda to that ad stir a few minutes.

This whole amount is enough for 10 days of treatment. You can take 5-7 tsp a day, tops.

Be careful with using baking soda for cancer. It increases the pH and beware not to get it too high. If that happens, you could suffer from electrolyte imbalance or metabolic alkalosis. They can worsen into edema or impair the heart and pressure.

If you need some pH aid for yourself or a loved one, don’t go immediately to a doctor. Is just enough to know these things about natural remedies, especially baking soda. With aging, the body naturally suffers from bicarbonate deficit. So, know the benefit of this method.