Coconut Oil Can Be Amazing If You Get the Right Type – What to Look For

Coconut oil is so far the healthiest food there is and even many books are written on this topic. More than 1500 studies exist for this food that prove its health benefits.

 This oil is special since it has healthy fats or medium chain fat acids. These are lauric acid, capric acid, caprylic acid all healthy for us. Almost 62% of the coconut oils have these acids and 91% is saturated fat.

Such fats are better than long chain fats, easier for the digestion, kill fungi and microbes, and are not stored like fat tissue but energy instead, so every cell gets energy.

Here we can say that many people heard coconut is healthy, it stops illnesses, hypertension, Alzheimer’s, kidney illness, liver health is promoted, inflammation reduced and cancer is treated, immunity is boosted, memory and energy are better too, digestion is better, skin healthier, you lose weight and much more!

Did you know that this oil is amazing for beauty use too? it can remove makeup, lice, can freshen the breath, use it as lip balm, cream for under eye skin, scrub for the body, stretch mark cream, shaving cream, body massage oil, dandruff cure, deodorant, night cream and cure for itching.

But not every coconut oil is the same, so you have to get the right kind to get all the benefits. There are 2 major types: refined and virgin. Read more to know the difference.

Virgin coconut oil

This is made from fresh coconut, unrefined, organic and labeled as such, GMO-free, has unique flavor and smell and can stand heat of 350 F. for the making process, this is scooped from the shell, cold pressed with its oils.

Refined coconut oil

This one is made of dried coconut milk, is organic certified and has no GMO, the flavor and aroma are neutral and can stand 400 F heat. For the making process, this is steamed for the neutral aroma.

Which one is better?

Both have the same nutrition, but you can sue both. Of course, you decide which flavor you prefer. Both are 63% with medium chain fats and 50% lauric acid.

How to buy the right coconut oil?

When you buy this oil, pay attention to a few things. First, it has to be certified and GMO free on the label.

Also, the virgin coconut must be COLD-PRESSED, NOT bleached, nor deodorized, and hexane-free. The refined coconut has to have no chemicals and must be steamed.