If You Have Diabetes Signs Boil Some Of These Leaves And Ditch The Meds

Diabetes is a common health disease to many people in the world and this happens if the pancreas stops making the insulin or the body handles the insulin in bad ways.


  • Urinating often and at night times
  • Being thirsty all the time
  • Strange weight loss
  • Itching on the vagina/penis
  • Cuts and wounds that do not heal or heal slow
  • Blur vision
  • Fatigue that is chronic

The bad thing is that many more problems can arise from diabetes like worsened vision, weakness that increases, blindness, damaged nerves, kidney failure, heart problems, no erection (men issues) and more.

There exist 3 diabetes types: diabetes 1, diabetes 2 and gestational diabetes.

The diabetes 1 also is known as JUVENILE and this is when the immunity gets ‘confused’ and attacks beta cells that make insulin.

The diabetes 2 is most common and is ADULT-onset diabetes. This is the body handling insulin in improper ways or has lack of it.

The gestational is when women are pregnant and mostly in the 2nd trimester.

Many cures and remedies aid these conditions and level the sugar, but natural is the best. You just need mango leaves!


You need tender leaves of mango, 10-15, boil them and leave them to sit overnight in the glass of water. After waking up, before the breakfast, drink this and continue with this for 3 months.

Also, dry the leaves and ground them afterwards. Take ½ tsp of this twice daily.

The leaves are really healthy due to their enzymes, vitamins, antioxidants and minerals. They even aid in soothing fevers, insomnia, diarrhea, asthma, varicose veins, cold and bronchitis.

And the pressure will be lower, while the vessels get stronger.