Do A Diabetes Cure By Yourself!

The number of people with Diabetes increases daily more and more and this is scary. Many people even die of this disease makeing this even more serious.

Until today, the cure wasn’t so good, but now it can just be put under control, but still what we call a cue now is not a cure yet.

Patients have many problems with this disease and challenges too, all to just keep the glucose normal and in a  normal range. Nevertheless, the best method for this issue is to have the sugar under control and have a good food routine.

This food regime in combination with meds can improve the lives of diabetics. But, such meds have side effects that we are not all prepared for. We have something that is harmless and natural. Celery root and lemons for diabetes.



300 g celery root

6 lemons


Wash the celery and grate it. In enamel dish pot, mix the lemon juice and roots. Put this on heat and place this in water bowl. The bowl must get heat to almost boil. Lower the heat then and simmer for 120 min.

After this, remove off water and let it be with lid on until cool.

Strain it and keep the remains in dry and cold place.

If you refrigerate this, use the cure for 2 months. To control the blood sugar, use this drink often!