The Doctors Dislike This Diet Since It Can Help With Cancer, Migraines, Depression And Autism

Many studies appeared that proved ketosis is good for curing many health problems like obesity too since it has no carbs allowed.

The keto diet needs 50-70% of the calories to be from healthy fats and the body must burn the fats as energy. In this process, ketones are made from fats inside the liver.


The keto diet helps a lot in weight loss and the bodies learn anew to burn fat and use it as PRIMARY energy course or fuel, thus making ketones from fat deposits.

Then also this diet is good for fighting cancer since cancer grows on sugars only and cancer cells cannot use fat as energy. An expert said ketones stop cancer growth by changing the bioprocesses of energy.

Lastly, ketogenic diets keep the brain healthy and studies showed that even Parkinson’s patients can benefit a lot.