Easy Poison Removal Of The Body In 2 Days – Plan For Weekend Detox

Do you feel tired all the time? Is the skin under your eyes darker than usual? Is the skin with breakouts or thin and fragile, dry? You must have toxins excess in the body and you need a detox fast.

If this is the case, you have less protection to viruses, bacteria, flu, infection, colds and more. While you detox, you get more energy and shield health too.

We have a plan for  you that needs to be done in 1 weekend only for perfect health achievement. It also makes internal organs clean like liver, lungs, kidneys and lymph system too. it is made and planned with fluids, meat, low fat food and potatoes. It sounds alright?

Also, do this method twice per year and always 10 days straight in a row. If you prefer some more, do it several times per year, no harm in that. Effects are stunning!

For best outcome, get dandelion, nettle tea and birch too and workout as much and as often as you wish and can. Try swimming, running, walking..


After you wake up, before you eat breakfast have some water, 240 ml.


Breakfast – warm water and oat, 1 cup, linseed spoonful, 250 ml green tea or water, blueberries ½ cup, yoghurt 200 ml and almond milk.
Lunch – 250 ml water, salad 2 cups (arugula, greens, tomato), hake on grill 250 g, Swiss chard and potatoes with olive oil, 1 banana + melon slice. Snack- 250 ml water + yoghurt 180 ml, and pumpkin seeds ¼ cup.
Dinner: anise tea or water 250 ml, salad 2 cups and lemon + olive oil, integral flour pastry, tuna on grill 150 g, steamed veggies half cup (broccoli and spinach).


Again the start is water.

Breakfast–  oat flakes 1 cup, spoonful linseed, almond milk 200 ml OR pear + yoghurt. In the end have green tea.
Lunch– water 250 ml, veggie soup of beans, potatoes, pepper, onion, carrot, celery, chicken 200 g on the grill and 150 g pickles on the side.
Dinner– pastry of integral flour, nettle tea, beet and carrot mix salad with lemon juice dressing.