Why Everyone Freezes Lemons And Why You Must Start Too

Lemons are tropical fruits among the favorites in America. They are a mix between lime and citrons, with bright yellow color and sharp taste juice added in hot teas or water for cleansing.

 They are zesty, refreshing, alkalizing and must always be eaten in the diet regimes. You heard of the benefit so far, like:

  • Loads of vitamin C
  • Antiviral and antibacterial
  • Better digestion
  • Removal of gut worms and parasites
  • Regulating blood pressure
  • Antidepressant


Sadly, lemons can go bad easy. But luckily, with this solution you can prevent this. To save the lemons, just freeze them.

Not just for the fruit, but for the juice among other things. Another reason for freezing is that you can use them better and easier.

This method is simple. But, for best results follow some rules.

  • Get lemons with hard skin and no dark spots.
  • Wash them with water, use special fruit soap if you wish. Or mix water and white vinegar to remove pesticides.
  • Get some freezer bags with sealsYou can choose to freeze the whole lemons, just the juice, wedges or slices and even the zest. The point of this method is that every part of the lemon is usable and healthy and must not go to waste.
  • Yes, save the peel too. do not throw the peels since they have even 10 times the vitamins than the fruit juice alone. Sadly, we all throw the peel and just have the juice.
  • Instead of doing this, save every part. You can use the peels in many ways, add it in soup, cereals, cream, spaghetti, ice cream and more. Shred them or grate them, as you wish.Even experts and science say lemon peel is healthy. The lemon and the peel is amazing for curing cancer or removal of cancer cells and lemons are even 10.000 times better than chemo!

    When you buy lemons, keep in mind, do not throw the peel and freeze them!