Fast Weight Loss Plan


It is familiar to all of us – keeping up a good shape and weight is difficult. I think the main reason is too much good food out there.

The bad thing is a lot of people, young mostly, gain weight faster than in the past. Medical professionals say that even toddlers are becoming overweight.

Also in some cases, children are BORN obese. As to some stats, in parts of India, fat people are taking up 40% and pretty soon maybe half of all people in the world will be obese. This is a shock. It is a health problem, not just physical one.


We mentioned, if you are obese there are problems like:

  • Higher risk of different health problems like hypertension, diabetes, heart problems, ulcer, bad digestion, gout, thyroid issues
  • Doctors state that it also makes physical and mental stress
  • Obese people eat more than enough. As to statistics, 1/3 of the world or more eats 50% more food than needed and this will get to more than half the population. If we control our servings, this will be solved.


We said already, gaining weight is easy but losing it is not. We mentioned how the reason is food. But also other factors influence this. We react when it is too late.

Some of the other reasons for weight gain:

  • Unhealthy lifestyle: the top reason. Working late, eating fast food, lack of sleep.
  • No workouts: many people are stuck in an office and sit all day long, don’t go to gym, don’t walk, etc. they drive back home and sit on PC all day.
  • Junk food: avoid fast food. People eat this too much and often, but also even healthy foods are not organic at all. Focus on raw and organics; fruit, veggies, nuts…
  • Too much processed goods: these foods have too much salt
  • Whites; flour, bread, sugar, pastries, fried food: on daily basis people eat these all the time unconsciously.


    How do you tell if you are overweight? Like this:

    • Weight yourself often to see every extra pound for the last week or two. If you gained, change diet.
    • A good tip: you can tell by the waist to hip ratio fat percentage. The fixed ranges for females are 25% and 2-3% is allowed. But, if you had 22% and now you have 25% be careful. Check the BMI always
    • Best way to check weight gain: lifestyle change
    • If someone commented on your weight gain, then it is obvious
    • Do you have too many cravings?


    If you ask yourself this and still the answer is YES I am fat, then a healthy lifestyle with good diet is the solution. Pick one from our web page. And also do these things and follow these rules:

    • Avoid snacks and have juices, smoothies, salads and fruit
    • Start and end a day with warm water to drink
    • No fast food, fried, processed foods; pizza, hot dogs, salty foods with preservatives
    • Eat almost raw and vegetarian
    • Walk at least 15 minutes daily
    • Eat less than YOU WANT to. Have small servings and eat every 3 hours.
    • Never drink water during or after meals
    • Opt for liquid diet regime
    • Avoid caffeine, tea, sodas, sugary juices or alcohol
    • Never eat after 8 at night, instead drink some milk or have