A Fruit That Can Stop Diabetes And Even Stop Breast Cancer To Grow More

So, the bitter melon is the best fruit so far for the health. Even proven in medicine benefits and originated as such centuries back from the East countries.

This fruit was used for diarrhea, fever, malaria, hypertension, kidney stones, PMS cramps, infections of skin, colic, glaucoma, belly aches, hemorrhoids and also cholesterol.

It offers many minerals, vitamins, proteins, acids, peptides, alkaloids, momordine, glycoside, cucurbitins, charantin, momorcharins and cucurbitacins.

Experts have found that this melon is hypoglycaemic and anticancer in benefits.

A study of the Garvan Institute of Medical Reasearch and Shanghai Institute MateriaMedica both concluded.. That this melon cures diabetes 2.

Some chemical items activating the AMP make more glucose transporters to every cell surface.  Most of these transporters increase glucose uptake of blood flow and tissues inside like the muscles, so the blood glucose is lowered.

The Ethnopharmacology Journal published some results that say bitter melon has hypoglycemic effect. And reduced fructosamine levels (from diabetes 2 patients that had 2000 mg per day). But this hypoglycemic effect is lower than the metformin by 1000 mg/day.


Also, the latest results of St. Louis University said this melon extract makes new processes in cells that stop breast cancer cells to grow. And those sick cells are even killed.

The main expert said this melon changes few pathways to the breast cancer. That extract is also dietary addition.

This fruit can be eaten raw, in smoothies, or in drinks. Also, take the extract and use it as herbal supplement for example.