Fruit Water: Perfect And Healthy Refreshment

Drinking eight glasses of water, what is the recommended daily dose, can sometimes be boring and tiring. This problem can be solved by adding various flavors to the water.

Water with natural fruit flavors is perfect and healthy refreshment. Make it in large quantities and store it in a freezer so that it is always cold.

Here are some ideas how you can make flavored, healthy and simple water with no artificial additives at home.

All you need:

– Fruit, whatever you want, except for bananas, note that the fruit is not bruised.

– Herbs – here you can also follow your own taste, but make sure to use plants that agree with the fruit, such as mint.

– Ladle

– And of course water

Cut the fruit into cubes, combine citrus fruits or berries, make sure that the fruit does not exceed one third of the jars.

Slowly, with the tip of the ladle or roller, press the fruit gently to let the flavor, but not too vigorously to liquefy.

The next step is to put ice cubes on the fruit, to the top of the jar and pour water over all of it, to the top.

You can drink thus prepared water immediately, but it would be best to leave it in the fridge for at least 24 hours.

Orange and lime

Raspberry and Lime

Pineapple and mint (Mentha)

Blackberry and Sage

Watermelon and rosemary

Sasi fruit water for weight loss (more details here)

If you want to add flavored spices, the procedure is the same, but first you have to put the herbs in the bottom of the jar, press with the ladle to release the flavor, then the fruit, and so on.

After this attempt you would never think to buy bottled water.

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