Lemon Water Can Replace Pills And Solve 15 Health Problems

The lemon contains 64% vitamin C and also phytochemicals, polyphenols and terpenes.

Lots of experts say that the morning has to start with lemon water. Boil some water, let this cool and add the juice. This is nutritious and boosts the health, so take this before breakfast.

The lemon has antioxidants, vitamins C and B, volatile oils, phosphorus, carbs, flavonoids, potassium. Also, kills bacteria and viruses so it can cure an infection too.


Acne– lemon makes less acidity inside us and acne show less and less. Wash the face with this water.

Weight loss and suppressing cravings– the vitamins and enzymes in this fruit level the blood sugar and make it normal. The pectin fiber suppresses cravings and helps in digestion.

Flush out kidney stones– more potassium makes citrates more and this stops oxalates.

Boost immunity– removal of pathogens and better lymph.

Gallbladder– this water removes stones in the gallbladder that cause the pain. Have this with lunch.

Flu– since lemon has vitamin C, this gives you antioxidants and boosts immunity. Also kills bacteria and viruses and in the winter this is perfect against the flu.

GERD– after 2 weeks of this water, the gastro reflux is reduced and this works better than meds.

Hardened fingernails– lemons make the nails harder and remove the yellow tint.

No food-borne issues– to prevent food poisoning during the holidays, bring lemon water.

Fibromyalgia– lemon water and yoga are removing fatigue here.

Less inflammation– lemons make acidity neutral and lessen inflammation

Less post workout soreness– this water soothes the muscles.

Alcohol– Less alcohol craving

Less joint swelling and leg pain– this water reduces uric acid and damages to the joints.

Colitis– this is acid and alkalinity imbalance, but this water makes the pH good again.