Have Lemon Water Instead Of Drugs If You Have These 15 Issues

Lemon is the best source for vitamin C and this gives us 64% daily needs in just 100 g serving. Also has phytochemicals like polyphenols and terpenes.

Boil some water, cool it and add the lemon. Have this prior breakfast and get the volatile oils, carbs, potassium, flavonoids, phosphorus, C and B, antioxidants and proteins too.

The juice makes immunity, removes bacteria and viruses and fights infections.

A glass of lemon water makes better digestion, weight loss, alkalinity and balanced pH to fight hunger too.


  • Healing acne so wash the face with this too
  • For weight loss to stop abnormal appetite. The vitamins and enzymes regulate blood sugar and keep healthy weight. Also digestion is better since the pectin fiber stops craving
  • Flushing out kidney stones due to potassium for more urine citrate levels and prevention of oxalates.
  • Boosting immunity and better lymph health to remove pathogens
  • Less gallbladder pain so have this during lunch
  • For cold and flu due to vitamin C for the immunity, removal of bacteria and viruses too. Have it all winter long
  • Helps for GERD
  • Makes nails harder and healthy, so have this daily and remove white nail spots too
  • No food borne issues. Have this during travels and trips and prevent poisonings of food.
  • For fibromyalgia, also have yoga stretches too
  • For inflammation. Lemons remove this and make alkalinity and not acidity
  • No sore muscles after workouts.
  • Less joint pain and swelling, lemon removes uric acid of the body
  • Less alcohol cravings.
  • For colitis or imbalance in alkalinity and acidity. Have a glass per day and make normal pH