A List For All The ACV Uses Up To 50! Also Learn How To Consume The Vinegar Without Nausea

The first recorded vinegar use was 10.000 years ago and was used as cure. In tradition, the ACV cured flu, colds and even warts. It is not a proof, but some people think it is healthy.

The father of Medicine, Hippocrates used it in 400 B.C. for arthritis, allergies, high pressure and other problems. Also, many militants like Japanese Samurai, roman armies too used the ACV as antiseptic and antibacterial energizing agent.

And here are 50 AVC uses:

  1. Heartburn- dilute 1 tbsp vinegar in water and add honey.
  2. Clear skin- dip a cloth in ACV and apply on face to remove oily cells. Also this cures acne and its scars.
  3. Antifungal- apply ACV on the skin area and also soak that area with 1 part ACV, 5 water parts and for a month if you can
  4. Soreness in muscles- rub the cider directly on the muscle and another cure is 1 tbsp ACV and water to sip at once
  5. Anti-itching- if you are stung by jellyfish or poison ivy just apply ACV on the skin
  6. Sensitive to insulin- a lot of studies say ACV helps with diabetes and blood sugar issues.
    To sip it means better insulin sensitivity with carb meals –slower rise in blood sugar.
  7. Clear sinuses- sip a cup ACV and water, this is antibacterial for the throat and reduces mucus.
  8. Circulation in lymph- this cleans the body and improves immunity. Have a ½ tbsp. in the tea or lemon water in the morning.
  9. Boost energy- add this vinegar to the juice or morning smoothie.
  10. Face toner- mix 1 tbsp ACV and water and with cotton apply on the face. The smell is bad but it disappears quick. The complexion is much better and do this daily.
  11. Sunburn- the Acv soothes burns of sun and restores pH. Add 1 cup to the bathwater to soak for 10 minutes.
  12. Whiten teeth- apply the ACV on teeth and then rinse. Do it rarely to keep enamel of teeth healthy. For gentle solution, dilute with water and use as rinse.
  13. Cleaner- make a DIY cleaner chemical free just take vinegar and detox! Mix 1 part water and 1 part ACV and 3 drops essential oil.
  14. Odor removing- this vinegar breaks down bacteria and chemicals and odors in the house. Mix 1 part water and 1 part ACV in spray bottle. Use in rooms for smell.
  15. Weed removing- mix ACV nd dish soap, water, salt and lemon juice to kill weeds.
  16. Dandruff free-mix same parts ACV and water in bottle and spray after shampooing. After 15 minutes rinse the hair and repeat this for few days. Also, do it regularly for maintenance once a week.
  17. Soreness in throat-ACV is antibacterial and good for flu and cold curing. Mix 1 tbsp ACV, 1 tbsp cayenne pepper and 3 tbsp honey in warm water.
    This is antibacterial and makes recovery faster while peppers soothe the pains.
  18. Odor in feet- get baby wipes and ACV over them poured. Store in plastic bag and put in fridge. Use them when you need it also for the armpits too.
  19. Burns- put ACV on burns to remove pain and speed healing and also to disinfect, but never on open wounds.
  20. Bruises-warm up a cup ACV and add 1 tbsp salt. Apply on a bruise.
  21. Bad breath- to remove this, mix 1 tbsp ACV and water 1 cup to gargle.
  22. Aftershave- mix same parts ACV and water and put on skin to soothe shave burns
  23. Gas or constipation-ACV speeds up the digestion fluids and juices (HCI) hydrochloric cids that digest the foods. Mix 1 tbsp in warm tea or drink and sip it before a meal.
  24. Repel fleas- for animals’ fleas this is the cure. Apply on the dog’s hair or skin or on its bed.
  25. Skin moles, warts and tags- dip cotton in ACV and apply on the skin area with such problems. Secure with medical tape and leave during the night. Wash after removing the tape. Repeat this until solved.
  26. Enhance condiments- make them more savory by adding ACV; a bit to sauces or marinades even vinaigrettes too.
    Mix with lemon juice to make salad dressing on the side or mix with olive oil and herbs for meat toppings.
  27. With fruit juice- mix a bit ACV and grape or other juice, but only freshly squeezed.
  28. For soup
  29. For baked foods- add acv to dough to lift them more.
  30. Urine smell of fabrics- with ½ cup ACV in the washing machine, you get this odor removed.
  31. Upset belly- the pectin is known as antibiotic and this is good for the belly. Mix 2 tbsp vinegar, 1 tbsp fresh water of ginger, 1 tbsp lemon juice and 8 oz water.
    To this add honey and you get a soothing cure for the belly. Put it in water glass also if you feel bloated.
  32. No pet chewing on things- animals don’t like vinegar smell so they will step away from cords, laces, couches. Put ACV on all chewy things for them every week.
    If the dog urinates inside the house, put ACV in all the house cleaner chemicals.
  33. Detox bathing- with 1 cup ACV in the bath and 1/3-1 cup salt and essential oil you will relax. Add sea salt, baking soda and ginger too for detox and relaxing.
  34. Cramps- rub ACV on the area that cramps.
  35. Detangle hair- water and ACV in spray bottle with equal parts is great for hair.
  36. Detox of liver- detox the liver with 2 tbsp ACV and 8 ounces water before a meal and eat raw veggies and fruits that whole day.
  37. Candida- the vinegar has enzymes for stopping candida. Sip ½ tbsp. daily or 2 times per day.
  38. Dish soap- use inside the dishwasher to remove greasiness.
  39. Gout- 2-3 tbsp ACV 3 times per day for this
  40. Bone broth addition- with a few spoons in the broth you also get detox effect
  41. Weight loss- the vinegar acid stops too much cravings and makes water retention solved. To the lemon water add ½ tbsp. ACV before breakfast.
  42. Shiny hair- rinse the hair with same parts ACV and water after a wash
  43. Foot/hand massage-rub it on hands and feet to soothe muscles
  44. Alkalizing- all bacteria die in alkaline areas so with sipping ACV you get good pH.
  45. Cleaning fruits and veggies- use it to wash the fresh produce, this is good since pesticides and chemicals are removed this way.
  46. Neutral spicing- add 1 tbsp ACV in cooking foods if you mistakenly added too much spices or salt etc. The taste will return.
  47. Flytrap- get ACV and a bit dish soap in a bowl and place on the visible kitche counter to chase way flies.
  48. Less fatigue- after exercises we get fatigued and get lactic acid more. The amino types in ACV fight this so take 1 tbsp in water cup after a workout.
  49. Yeasts- ½ cup ACV in a bath for soaking tops 20 min.
  50. Allergies-mix 1 tbsp honey and 1 tbsp ACV in water to soothe allergies.