Lose 10 Pounds in 3 Days with MILITARY DIET

This is strict, but exceptions can be made. Replace meat with lentils if you have to, or veggies with veggies.

Spices, mustard, coffee, juice, cooking sprays, water, tea, no calorie sweeteners are allowed. This lasts just 3 days and you will remove fat, have energy and metabolic optimal rate. To have this diet again, wait 4 days before repeating.


½ grapefruit with some slice toast, cup coffee or tea and 2 tbsp PB. Lunch is ½ tuna, cup coffee or tea and toast slice. Dinner is 3 oz. meat with cup green beans, and ½ banana, with cup ice cream and apple.


Start with 1 egg, ½ banana and toast slice. Lunch is also egg, cottage cheese cup and 5 crackers. Dinner is no buns 2 hotdogs, ½ cup carrots, cup broccoli, half banana and vanilla ice cream 1 cup.


Start with slice cheddar, apple and 5 crackers. Then lunch is boiled egg, slice toast. Dinner is 1 cup tuna, ice cream and ½ banana.

To have better results, also be physically active and if you are overweight simply walk around. If you are already active, try jumping rope, jog, swimming, treadmills.

Also if you have medical issues, talk to a doctor prior this diet.

The best part here is that all items are cheap and this is easy to follow.