Make These Movements In Your Bed Before You Go To Sleep and You Will Remember Us For The Rest Of Your Life!

Are you those who go to bed at night give hundreds of turns before finally being able to fall asleep? Quiet! You have arrived at the right place … Know this extraordinary and 100% effective technique to be able to sleep better during the nights, without having to take anything!

It is just a series of body postures that you must do before going to bed.


If you have trouble sleeping during the nights, carry out these body postures that we will show you below, and we assure you that you will sleep better at night.

Bend your knees and sit on them, then extend your torso forward, and your hands back, so that they touch your feet. Your heels should touch your tail.

This exercise is not recommended for all those who suffer from problems with their knees.


Lie on your bed on your back, and then put the soles of your feet together.
After this, open your legs to both sides like a butterfly, always keeping your soles together.

Keep your arms on the floor, as relaxed as possible.


Lie on the floor face down, and tilt your knees, bringing them to your chest.

Take your knees with your hands, and slowly swing from side to side, massaging your back with the surface of the floor.

When doing this exercise, relax your shoulders very well and perform deep and soft breaths.


Lie on your back on the floor, and drop both knees to the right side.

Turn your arms and head at the same time opposite your legs.

Take a deep breath while doing the exercise, and do not forget to change sides.


This is another of the most effective postures within this powerful technique to sleep better.

Sit in your bed and let your arms fall behind your back.

Now see slowly extending your hands below your buttocks, and at the same time see your shoulders slowly pushing towards the ground.

Stay a few seconds lying on the floor doing this exercise.


Sit with your legs crossed, then place the palms of your hands on the floor.

Swing back and forth, propelling yourself with your thighs.

After this, take your left leg back, stretching it as much as you can.

Stay with your leg stretched for a few seconds, and finally do the same treatment with your other leg.


Sit comfortably across your legs, with the right spine and the palms of your hands on your knees.

Perform slow and deep breaths, never ceasing to attend to your breathing.

Stay a few minutes in that position, relaxing more and more all the muscles of your body.


This is another effective exercise in the technique to be able to sleep better during the nights.
Sit on the floor with a straight posture, then try to touch the tips of your feet with your hands.

Breathe deeply while you hold for a few seconds that posture.


Sit on the floor with your legs crossed, and bring your right palm to your left knee and your left hand behind your hips.

Now turn your torso very gently to one side, hold the position and then turn to the other.


Lie down on the floor in front of a wall, to support your legs in this.

Stretch your legs as high as you reach the wall, while keeping your arms relaxed on the floor, and open your chest to breathe deeply.

This series of simple body postures will help you very effectively to calm your nerves, relieve stress and be able to better reconcile sleep at night.

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