Man Beats Stage-4 Cancer Just By Using Baking Soda!

In this article, we are going to share with you the story of a lucky man that managed to defeat stage-4 cancer just by using baking soda as his last resort and only weapon.

Vernon Johnston was diagnosed with stage-4 prostate cancer and he was given no other options except chemotherapy and drugs. Despite only aiming to destroy the cancer, Vernon was told that the therapy would affect his healthy tissues as well.

Now we are all familiar with the fact that Chemotherapy is an aggressive anti-cancer therapy which despite being effective in some cases, the patient still ends up emotionally and physically drained of energy, and with an immune system so weak that it is unable to fight even a mild cold. Therefore, Vernon’s cancer was in no way ‘guaranteed’ to be cured.

This was the turning point for him as he decided to take the matter into his own hands and follow the advice of his brother, who told him to pay more attention to his overly acidic body and convert it into an alkaline machine, which would increase his fighting chance against the cancer. And it turned out that cesium chloride was the ‘miracle’ he longed for.

Cesium therapies have been known to work better than radiotherapy and chemo, but despite this, they are still rarely recommended to cancer patients, which is why Vernon was looking for alternative ways to increase the pH values of his body.

After spending some time digging and researching on his own, he stumbled upon research which showed that baking soda is the ultimate remedy for turning the body in a pH alkaline machine.

As an ingredient we all have at home, baking soda is usually used as an antacid.

Vernon used this, and having learned that the effects of baking soda are stronger when combined with maple syrup, he began his treatment by taking the combination on daily basis. He even documented his experience on his blog for the whole world to see.

What baking soda does, is that it neutralizes the acids in the body and increases the pH values. It can also prevent scarring and blisters while reducing allergy-induced itching.

Baking Soda Eliminates Cancer

Acidic body environments are the perfect soil for the growth of cancer cells, and many health experts agree that alkalization plays a significantly important role in starving and killing off the cancer cells.