The Oncologist Miguel Martin Stated That This Juice Kills Cancer Cells, Cure Gastritis, Diabetes, Liver And Heart, Learn How To Do It!!

Feeling good and keeping our body away from disease is not difficult, it is just a matter of maintaining certain habits and customs, choosing well what we eat and what we do.

There are foods that by their nature protect us from various diseases. The potato is one of them, know their healing properties and also learn to make a potato juice to prevent cancer .

Potatoes, also called chips, are an essential source of energy, even when we are dieting .

They are high in carbohydrates, which help our body to function properly and perform its activities effectively.In addition, they provide:

Amounts of vitamin C to strengthen the immune system and help us prevent disease,
Antioxidants that help repair the body,
lots of B vitamins, folic acid, magnesium, iron and potassium, improve brain function and prevent the formation of calcium stones in the kidneys.

Properties of potato and potato juice to prevent cancer.

Regulates blood pressure and cholesterol

The kukoaminas, a compound found in potato juice to prevent cancer can regulate blood pressure by an ordinary consumer.

The phytochemicals and vitamins, especially flavonoids containing potatoes, help protect against cardiovascular disease and reduce levels of bad cholesterol , also protect the arteries from inflammation thus preventing heart attacks and cerebrovascular diseases.

Whitens skin and heals burns

The benefits of this potato juice to prevent cancer also extend to the field of beauty. For example it is widely used to reduce skin blemishes and balance tonalities. Slices applied in sunburn can work wonders.

Prevents premature aging

Potatoes prevent us from forming premature wrinkles , giving shine and softness to the skin. They also help reduce signs of tiredness in the face and eyes especially to reduce dark circles.

As we saw earlier, the potato juice to prevent cancer has many healing properties more then list some of them:

-Help in liver and kidney diseases.
-It helps with gastritis and other stomach problems.
-Help in the treatment of skin diseases
-Strengthens the immune system.
-Protects against cardiovascular diseases.
-Reduces blood sugar.
-Fight cancer cells.
-Cleanses the body of toxins.

Treat diseases with this potato juice to prevent cancer.


Many prominent experts have studied the properties of potato juice to prevent cancer and cure many serious diseases.

Dr. John Lesindzer recommends taking a tablespoon of potato juice diluted with a little water half an hour before breakfast, lunch and dinner as natural medicine to treat gastritis .

Also advised to consume half deciliter of potato juice on an empty stomach and then half deciliter of juice half an hour before lunch and dinner in the treatment of duodenal and stomach .

Diseases of the respiratory system

Dr. John Tucakov says instead that the potato juice to prevent cancer has also yielded positive results in the treatment of pulmonary and respiratory diseases , reduces the level of blood sugar and has even been tested in people affected with serious illnesses Such as emphysema with positive results.


The author of the book “The road to a healthy lifestyle: cancer, nothing to fear …” the Buddhist monk Tomizawa been studied as daily consumption of a quart of juice potato to prevent cancer has given favorable results 90% of the people who have implemented it.

Finally Dr. Kagamine, professor of medicine at the University of Akita (Japan), deeply studied the properties and benefits of the substances contained in potatoes and succeeded in isolating a substance present in the potato juice to prevent cancer .

It also proved effective suppressing the growth of tumor cells in mice. The results of this research were published in the “International Conference on the Fight Against Cancer” held in Germany.

Tips to keep in mind before preparing potato juice to prevent cancer:

1.You should always consume fresh juice , just after processing.

2.Buy potatoes as fresh as possible.

3.Do not peel the potatoes, consume them with the shell.

4.Wash them well before preparing them , brush them for better cleaning.

5.Buy possible organic potatoes . If you can not get them, at least make sure they are not stained or dehydrated.

6.Also avoid buying potatoes that have outbreaks or are very green, they do not do anything good for your body because they contain a toxin called solanine that accumulated in large quantities in the body may cause you nausea, diarrhea, headache and stomach.

Recipe for potato juice to prevent cancer:

-Wash and brush very well 2 medium potatoes. Remove any residue that may be in the crust.

-Cut into thin slices.

-Wrap them in a cloth cloth and squeeze them. You can also do it in the blender.

Drink potato juice to prevent cancer in the morning, on an empty stomach and before lunch and dinner . It can be taken alone or diluted in water (the amount desired).

It can also be mixed with fruit juice or vegetables (such as apples or carrots) with lemon juice or honey to improve its taste.

Consume potato juice to prevent cancer by 30 days rest for two weeks and retake for 30 days.