One Oil That Will Stop Your Hair Fall and Grow Thick Long Hairs In Just 10 Days Time

It is the castor oil that can help you with this problem, because it contains a lot of essential nutrients that can provide your skin and hair with plenty benefits.

People usually avoid it because it is sticky and with thick consistency, but it can treat your skin and hair problems efficiently and it is very cheap.

Due to its thick consistency, it first needs to be diluted before the application. So take equal of coconut oil and castor oil and mix them together.

After this you can apply the combination on your hair and leave it to do its magic for 60 minutes, and after you can wash it nicely with water.

It is important to evenly apply on the hair and for optimal results it is recommended to do this treatment two times a week.

Many women have dry hair strands, and you can also use castor oil to help you with this problem. Take 2-3 drops of castor oil on the palms and rub them on the ends of your hair. Leave the oil during the night and check the magnificent results in the morning.