One Plant Can Treat Cancer Cells 10.000 Times Better and Stronger Than Chemo

Many studies exist  ever since 70s about a plant that kills effectively cancer cells and is even 10000 better and efficient than chemo or Adriamycin, the chemo medicine.

This is graviola soursop and makes you have strength, immunity, energy and health with NO chemo.

This graviola or annona muricata is a healing nature medicine. It kills cancer cells leaving no side effects, but also cures malignant issues.

Pharmaceutical companies are affected by this so much, since people start to talk about graviola more and more.

The graviola is from Mexico, Peru, Colombia, Caribbean and Venezuela but also can be found in Asia, Sahara, Africa and such. As to this, we see this plant likes warm climates and humidity.

Gravioal tree is not large, but the plant is just usable. In South America they use the bark, roots, leaves and seeds, but fruit too, for asthma, arthritis, heart and liver issues. The taste is a mix sweet between pineapple and strawberry.

Graviola – for any disease

This plant is so far mostly famous for cancer treating. Lot of studies showed that it can cure tumors, fungi, bacteria, lower pressure, heal asthma and arthritis, cure depression, nervous/stress issues and more.

Many studies also exist even dating from 1970s that show how this plant kills cancer cells and it is 10000 stronger than chemo and Adriamyxin. It gives back immunity, energy and health and also it was shown that:

  • It kills cancer cells in natural safe ways with NO nausea, weight loss or hair fall. This plant extract removes even 12 cancer types.
  • The body gets stronger and healthier
  • Immunity is better against infections
  • Removes stress and depression and gives back even spiritual health

Graviola deceptions

A lot of pharmaceutical companies wanted to patent this plant and this failed since nature cannot be patented. You cannot even make GMO plant like the original and patent it, since it will not be as effective.

If all the world knows about the graviola, no more profit will be made from medicines for cancer. This is why, graviola is still hidden from people.

Dating from the 70s, the graviola heal powers are known even from then, but still this is a silent topic.

The last seen study was in the Catholic University South Korea when was noted that graviola kills cancer and leaves healthy cells intact! This is why with graviola you do not feel nausea and such side effects.