Remove Lipids, Cholesterol And Glucose In Blood

Few months ago one student got puzzled when a professor showed him certain blood analyses of some patient. The lipids levels were shocking, the glucose and cholesterol too, urea and triglycerides as well. It was really strange and bad that someone can live like this with such bad analyses.

When this professor gave him the other second results, it was actually the name of the professor on those analyses!

The professor said to him to see both analyses and compare the sheets and parameters and see the DATES.

The blood was good and really healthy and the results were too so the professor was healthy now.

The final shock was when this student saw the dates and their period in beetween ONLY one month.


He was confused and the professor said to him that he got better due to a doctor’s advice. The cure requested to be taken and the method done just a few times.

Also the professor said that this can be done again once a year if needed just to have things under control and prevent the problem again if it happens in the future.


Get one pumpkin raw and peel it. Take 120 g of the pumpkin and blend it nicely with some water. The mix must be smooth.

This is taken for a whole month, best 20 min before morning meal every day.

But first check the blood prior this method and then after the method. As you see this is safe and natural and has no bad effects after that since it is fresh produce and water.

The professor is also a chemical engineer and studied the pumpkin and the benefits of it and saw that items in this fruit have good impact on the LDL cholesterol and the arteries, also cleanses the urine and gives you energy.