Sore Throat Curing And Tonsillitis Removal. Only In Few Hours With An Amazing Mix!

The tonsillitis is a common and really unpleasant issue, but scary too according to doctors and the only cure method is surgery as we all think. Not true! It can be removed in natural ways too and these are the best ways to do so!

The cumin seed is a saver right now. It was used as cure for centuries back and it is best known for tonsillitis since it cures it in few hours! No need for chemicals and heavy drugs or spending too much money. This is cheaper, healthier and simpler.

Keep in mind our ancestors in history knew what was healthy and good because folk medicine is the best alternative when everything else is not, of course. Such recipes were passed from one to another generation with the help of internet and globalization. They are 100% natural!


  • 80 gr cumin seed
  • 200 ml filter water
  • 1 tsp whisky or cognac


Place the seeds of cumin in the 200 ml water and boil. After 15 minutes the mix will be blackish and also thick, like coffee grounds that are damp. Strain it and put the rest 50 ml in this and again, boil. In the end, also add the alcohol.

Take 1 tbsp every half an hour and after 2 hours only you will feel strange and better! After the 4th hour, the issue is gone!