Turmeric against 14 Drugs, We Will Teach You Here How To Go All Natural!

Turmeric is a very popular spice which is used for the production of curry, however this is not its only use and the only reason why it is so famous.

Turmeric has a lot of positive effects in medicinal terms, which makes it perfect for having amazing health benefits and that is why it is known as the spice of life.

Turmeric is an extremely interesting spice, something which is expressed by the 5.600 biomedical studies performed all over the world by educated people in order to find out more things about it.

A lot of studies have shown that the turmeric has more than 600 uses in terms of forbidding the appearance of a bunch of diseases, plus it is excellent for therapeutic medicine..

Also, here we include the 175 physiological effect which presents the turmeric as an astonishingly good spice.

Because of the huge number of positive effects and health benefits turmeric has, it is constantly compared with other drugs and medicines which can be found in the drug stores. Turmeric has been compared to the following medicine:

1. Ibuprofen– in Oncogene in 2004 was presented a research which showed that the main component of turmeric called curcumin it is an excellent alternative for ibuprofen.

Plus, curcumin is excellent in the combat against tumor cells, which expresses the situation that the drugs used for this disease probably won’t be necessary in the future.

2. Metformin-In 2009 a research was made and the results were expressed in Biophysical Research Communications and Biochemical Research Communications, showed that curcumin the component from the turmeric is an excellent ingredient to cure diabetes and at the same time it makes bigger the glucose sensitivity of the body.

3. Oxaliplatin-In 2007 the Internal Journal of Cancer published that the curcumin is the perfect cure for colon cancer, a result which pointed out that patients with this condition should stop taking Oxaliplatin.

4. Drugs for production of glucose– A couple of studies have shown that curcumin is capable of suppressing the creation of glucose inside the livers of patients who suffer from hepatocellular carcinoma, a cancer which is extremely frequent.
5. Aspirin– This drug is known as a blood thinner. In Arzneimittelforsching which refers to Drug Research, in 1986 published a research that curcumin has the necessary characteristics to look like the curcumin.

We can say that in this situation it can keep in control the prostacyclin and platelets with modulating their effects. Plus, people who suffer from arthritis and poor blood clothing should start using the turmeric in order of alleviating the pain.

6. Anti-Inflammatory Drugs– In 2004 a research showed that a huge number of medicines with anti-inflammatory characteristics can be exchanged with the turmeric.

7. Prozac-In Acta Poloniae Pharmaceutica in 2011 it was pointed out from a research which was made that curcumin is helpful in the fight against depression. The curcumin is able to replace some psychotropic medicines such as Prozac.

8. Impiramine –This is a drug which is an antidepressant, this drug it may be replaced by the turmeric, due to the fact that turmeric is a plant which is excellent in the fight against depression.

9. Fluoxetine– Similar to the imipramine, this drug is also used as antidepressant drug, plus it has the ability to cure obsessive compulsive disorder or also known as OCD.

Educated people are convinced that turmeric may give identical benefits for the health, but without having any negative effects.

10. Steroids– In 1999 in the journal of Phytotherapy research a research showed that it is believed that curcumin is capable of treating chronic anterior uveitis.

This is a condition of an eye disease which appears due to inflammation. So, the perfect solution for this condition is the usage of turmeric, mostly because the benefits and effects turmeric provides are much better than those of the steroids.

11. Corticosteroids– Another research pointed out that the curcumin it is an amazing substitute to be used for injuries which appeared during lung transplantation.

With this being said, it was concluded that the effects of curcumin are similar to those of the dexamethasone, which is actually a corticosteroid drug.

However, even though they are similar there is one difference and that is that curcumin has no negative effects.

12. Lipitor– In 2008 it was published a research in Drugs R&D which expressed that the curcuminoids are excellent cures for endothelial dysfunction. This condition of dysfunction has negative effects on the work of the blood vessels.

13. Drugs for diabetes

The people who made all of these studies which we wrote about were convinced that the curcumin from the turmeric it has amazing effect in healing inflammation, and also oxidative stress in patients who suffer from diabetes type 2.

14. Atrovastatin

It represents a drug which has the ability of reducing bad cholesterol which is also popular by the name low density lipoprotein or the short name LDL.

Using turmeric will give you identical effects, plus it represents a natural solution of reducing bad cholesterol levels.

Turmeric is one of the most popular spices and very often people talk about it in medicine and science in general, the reason for that is the numerous positive effects and benefits which it gives to people.