Use Baking Soda This Way to Look a Decade Younger in Just a Few Minutes

The baking soda is an item used for many things, from cleaning, to skin care and even health. Usually it is used for a cough, but also for curing and preventing health issues and even making clothes whiter.

 Besides this, the soda also absorbs bad odors and can freshen up carpets and even clean surfaces. But for beauty is even more amazing!Here are the uses:

1. No acne

Baking soda removes acne and pimples, make paste of water and baking soda and rub it on the face then rinse.

2. Whitening teeth

Get the toothpaste you use and read the label for the items, there should be also baking soda. When mixed with hydrogen peroxide, this makes teeth whiter, but do not use it too often since the enamel might get damaged. Once a week is enough.

3. Fresh breath

If you have bad breath, mint drops are not enough. They just hide the surface of the problem named halitosis. Baking soda can remove this odor fast and well. Use 1 tsp baking soda in water a glass and mix. Gargle this to clean the throat and mouth, thus bacteria will be removed. Do it every other day.

4. Soften skin

If the hands skin feels dry, mix baking soda, soap and water and massage the hands. Rinse with warm water. This hydrates skin and removes odor from cooking.

5. Healthy and clean hair

Shampoos and masks are not as good as ads say they are, they have chemicals that damage the scalp and hair. But, baking soda as conditioner is amazing for health and beauty of the hair. Use this 1 time per month since baking soda has high pH.

6. Less body odor

Fill the tub with water, add a cup baking soda and soak for making bacteria neutral and acids too. This will freshen skin and remove excess oil too. Do this 2 times per week for smoother skin.

7. Clean nails

Mix 3 parts baking soda, 1 part water, make a paste and apply this on the nails. Rinse and the cuticles will be softer than ever!

8. No sweating

This item also is a good DIY deodorant. Add a few drops of the essential oil you like, add 4 tbsp baking soda and apply on the armpits. Bacteria for odor will be gone!  This makes you fresh for hours and can be reapplied.

9. Exfoliator

Use this item for skin care every day to keep pores clean and small.